What year is it? or Why Notre Dame is in the dark ages.

UPDATE:  The Observer Editorial team has posted a more offensive and off-mark "apology" on it's website  HERE

Now I like jokes.  And I like comics, and irreverent humor is a favorite, but this is beyond and way below that.  This appeared in a Notre Dame student paper:

"The cartoonist had posted on his blog – though it’s since been removed – his original version of the cartoon. In the original version, it shows that the punchline read, 'AIDS' instead of 'A baseball bat.' The paper, he reported, preferred 'not to make light of fatal diseases.' The Observer made a dangerously misguided decision that promoting violence was somehow superior to making fun of HIV/AIDS."

The text, in case you can't read it:  "What's the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?  No idea.  A baseball bat.

Classy, Notre Dame.  I thought the youth were more enlightened.  I guess they're also morons.

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  1. As a former Observer ed staff member, I offer my completely useless apologies for this idiocy.