GREEN SHIPS! How cool! Props to . . . uh . . . History?

Ok this seems pretty innovative.  This British company is building Wind-Powered ships (imagine?) in an old ship-building district (bringing new jobs), making them out of recycled steel, firing the steel with torrefied wood (no fossil carbon), and launching them to ferry a coal-replacing fuels (biomass, torrefied wood pellets)!  I love them!  Go ships!

"Torrefied wood pellets produce more energy per unit by volume than conventional wood pellets, and can be readily co-fired with coal without the need for retrofitting or altering the ovens in any way. It has even been suggested that torrefied pellets could eventually replace coal, allowing power plants to become entirely "green power" facilities. Rather than shutting down "dirty" coal plants, operators could simply add torrefied pellets to the normal coal load, until they are able to replace coal altogether."

More on Torrefied Wood HERE

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