Can Capitalism and Sustainability Coexist? Lemme check my tablet. . .

With apple's newest and most hollered-about toy about to hit the market . . . just a few years after the iphone, and just weeks, perhaps, after they released their record-crushing profits from the very same, can we expect the leader in big-boy toys to ever take into consideration the wasteful lifestyle that 90s-style gadgetry spawned?  From treehugger:
"Ultimately, the buzz over this tablet device says we're a long, long way off from minimizing our consumption of goods - especially electronics - and that our technology is growing and changing faster than we can consume, appreciate, and more importantly reuse or recycle all of the things we create with our advancements."

From the many iphone imitators (and likely there will rise tablet imitators) to the inevitability of apple wooing us with another plastic biddy in a few years . . . it seems that waste is on the drawing board . . . unless we start demanding that one of the richest, most successful companies in the world starts acting responsibly.

Full disclosure:  I have an iphone.  sigh.

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