GO MASS! or Don't Let Prayer and Horses Fool You

Today's the day, Massachusetts, be strong, be brave and don't be fooled by the big white guy with a pick-up truck and a third-grade grasp of American History.

AND --

AND!!  let this be a warning to the Obama Admin., that if the Dems can't even pass this watered-down limp useless bill, THEY HAVE FAILED THE POPULARITY CONTEST.

and unfortunately, that's what it is.  That and a blizzard of lies.  The Dems have lost control of their message.  Lost control to TEABAGGING.  It was that easy.

I'm accepting ideas on how make Most Americans understand that they will never be Millionaires, and that the FLUFFY, SHINY logos of their favorite companies are the SEALS ON THE TOMB OF THE MIDDLE CLASS.


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