Born to Run -- Barefoot!

I think I've somehow known this since I was young, but here's proof that the human foot (and body) evolved to run healthiest barefoot!  From the LA Times:

"The difference in the way the foot strikes the ground is important. Lieberman's study examined the physical stresses on feet with different types of running and found that people with running shoes strike the ground with the mass of the entire leg, nearly 7 percent of the body. That's more than three times the weight of impact for barefoot running."
Simplicity is so frequently the answer.  So i don't know how I'm gonnna make this work in NYC, but maybe the park?  I wonder if it's legal.  There's more HERE.

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  1. Don't run barefoot through the park. You'll step on a needle and get AIDS. At least, that's what my mom always told me..