Christie ate a whole tunnel (filled with 3 BILLION of "free Federal monie")

Notorious fatty and car LOVER, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has halted the largest American infrastructure project currently -- the ARC rail tunnel under the Hudson River -- based on his own numbers of possible cost overruns.  He plans to GIVE UP THREE BILLION DOLLARS from the Federal Gov't. earmarked for mass transit, and funnel the remaining NJ monies into roads and bridges.  All this to avoid raising NJ gas tax because HE promised no new taxes.  New Jersey has one of the lowest gas taxes in the nation.  The tunnels we are currently using are 100 years old, and at capacity.  As Andy said to his home state,

"Enjoy your cheap gas while your state crumbles away into obsolescence."

Thank you Andy, that's very direct.   I think that ignoring a 3 Billion dollar gift (NJ may have to pay back the money already sunk in . . . . the tunnel is already significantly under way) is an impeachable offense, but what do I know?  This guy is notoriously anti-public transit.  The project promised to grow the economy, shorten commutes, broaden the region, and cut emissions.  Thanks a lot knucklehead.  Here's the only way to get under the Hudson currently:



  1. Well said! The PATH tubes run under the Hudson as well (those tunnels are also over a century old). However, those pictured tunnels are the only ones accessible by actual commuter rail. The PATH is more like a subway and are so tiny that regional rail will never be able to use them.

  2. He already raised the cost of NJ Transit buses to the city. It enrages me so that he will not find the money to invest in public transportation which is NJ's most dire issue. It's currently an overpriced mess that doesn't work. NJ's biggest value is our proximity to NYC, but currently the transportation nightmare in and out ruins that perk. Flushing away federal money is Chris Christie's greatest and only talent. i.e.