Smaller is better, Slow is too.

Or are you? (more after the jump)
The argument has been made many times over -- from the Small Schools Movement to the Small Plate Movement and the Small House Movement -- and in each case the message is the same:  Big is Bad.  Small is accountable, manageable, and above all SUSTAINABLE.

If this:

Looks like a sensible family car, or this:

Looks like a nice size house for 4 humans, or this:

Looks like a snack,

YOU may be an American.

If you think that Faster is Better, that speed is success, that waiting is a sign of weakness, you may be killing yourself and maiming your children.  The youth of America are FAT AND STRESSED OUT.

"The study revealed that 62 percent of kids have a positive opinion of their health and a shocking 87 percent described their eating habits as healthy most or some of the time. The results come as a surprise, considering the national crisis of childhood obesity. According to the American Obesity Association, 15 percent of children ages six to 11 are obese, and a 2003 survey by TNS NFO, a division of TNS, reported 30 percent of American parents have overweight or obese children. Hence, an interesting question should be raised: Do children understand what good health means and what behaviors contribute to it? "

The answer is NO.  Because the parents are SETTING THE WRONG GOALS for themselves and their families.

I understand that this nation is founded on consumption.  I understand that we like wide open spaces.  But if we are what we own, and BIG and FAST IS KILLING US, could we consider an alternative before it's too late?

"The Worldwatch Institute's State of the World 2010 report has just been released and takes square aim at what's at the root of the planet's current environment woes, be it climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource overconsumption. It's consumerism (green or not). In short [...] There are simply not enough resources on the planet to extend what is considered a normal, even essential, level of material consumption in wealthy nations to a planet with 6 billion and growing people:"
The full article bears reading, and is HERE.

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