Don't Cram the Pram -or- A little fresh air never hurt anybody.

Scandinavians have a WONDERFUL habit of leaving their babies in their prams OUTSIDE thier chosen gathering places.  Even in winter.  It looks funny to us:

[more + picture after the leap]

I know.  It looks like a wild-eyed baby-hungry woman's dream!  I picture someone called Kate wanting to make it plus NINE by breezing by for ONE MORE HIT BABY and leaping off like a thoroughbred gazelle cackling and trembling with delight as the birth mom unwittingly sips chai inside.

The reality doesn't really make good TV.  It makes good babies, and happy adults, and PRAM FREE COFFEESHOPS . . . are you LISTENING BROOKLYN?

"We are all raised with the thought that all outside is good for you," said Gothenburger Anna-Sara Roucoulet. "And I think the kids sleep a lot better when outside. Calms them down, I guess."
This also brings up community child rearing, and the free-range children movement MORE HERE.  It's an amazing movement aimed at giving kids the freedom we all had growing up . . . to ride a schoolbus alone, to run unattended for hours, to RELAX THE TERROR GRIP we learned from John Walsh and the fear tactics that bought his houses.

Food for THOUGHT!


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