Senator McCain thinks my job is silly and wants me fired.

Last Wednesday, Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn released a "Stimulus Checkup" report on 100 different "silly or shortsighted" projects throughout the country.  Philadelphia's acclaimed Pig Iron Theatre Company (the very company keeping me off the dole right now) found itself at number 26 in the report for stimulus funding they received through the National Endowment for the Arts that helped to retain one staff position and seven actors' salaries.
"Describing itself as a dance-clown-theatre ensemble, the Pig Iron Theatre in Philadelphia is home to a successful and growing production company that recently landed a $25,000 stimulus grant."
How horrible.  Can you imagine?  The National Endowment for the Arts giving money to a theatre company?  This is unheard of.

I read the report.

$150,000 went to develop the next "generation of football gloves", and 1.2 MILLION was given to turn a barn into the "Museum of man's relationship with the horse."


Of course, Fox News jumped on the opportunity to fairly spit the words PIG IRON out of it's snide mouth about four times.  VIDEO HERE.

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