Detroit -- musings on metropolitan makeover

It's losing its symphony?  It's flirting with Hollywood.  It's burning, it's shrinking, it's artistic, it's stinking . . . what is to be expected from the next decade in Detroit?

the Spirit of Detroit
pizzicato on the heartstrings
I want so much to be that rotting giant's Jane Jacobs . . .
move myself, a garden, and the power of theater and music
out of the hall
and into the husk of fled industry,
sing folk songs on the twisted steel and
light the toppling bricks with amber-gelled hope for renaissance . . .
and teach the kids to love to listen
to move around and
cluster all the left-behinds to become
strong villages, and the in-betweens to become
fields of strong corn.
and the singing and the working meet the
hammers that forge huge windmills
sending the Spirit of Detroit back
to the Pantheon of Industry
but this time,
cloaked in green.

And now from some hastily jotted poetry, to a hastily assembled gallery after the JUMP:

Michigan Central Station
Leo Plaza Hotel
United Artists Theatre
William Livingstone House- Brush Park (demolished)
Detroit Metro Airport
Rosa Parks Transit Terminal
Riverfront Renewal
a ground-breaking solar powered, hydrogen-fueled, zero emission mass transit system that would carry everything from people to cars in sustainable style and carbon neutral function. The construction is set to begin this year, and would connect Ann Arbor and Detroit.
Read more: Solar + Hydrogen Power Interstate Rail coming to Michigan! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

C'mon Lions
Ford's Green Roof

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