Healthy Transit, Healthy City

Good news from the American Public Transit Association:  Cities with well-planned, efficient, comprehensive public transit systems are home to healthier longer-lived citizens than those with car-based transportation networks.  This isn't surprising, I suppose, public transport encourages some walking, standing, even biking . . . but the study also finds that
"the 10  U.S. counties with the “smartest,” most transit-oriented growth have approximately one-fourth the traffic fatality rates as those counties with the most sprawling development. For example, the traffic fatality rate for the Bronx, NY was approximately four per 100,000 residents.  However, for Miami, KS, the rate was almost 40 per 100,000."
So, not only are you less likely to die of heart disease, stroke and other perils of sedentary living, less likely to be made sick by auto-generated smog, but you're also less likely to be hit by some fatty in an SUV trying to eat a Quizno's and put on lip balm at the same time.  The health benefits were seen across economic groups.

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