Here we go again. You listening, choir?

HERE's yet another attempt to explain the bigotry and ignorance that is passing for religious freedom . . . I don't know if it's the best article ever written on the topic, but it's clear and bears repeating.
"Here's what's going on here: Religious opponents of gay marriage don't have a good understanding of why a modern state should recognize civil marriage in the first place; they view marriage primarily as a religious tradition that has made their lives satisfying and secure and so they are most comfortable justifying it in terms of what's been -- this is one of the roles of a religious narrative. If they thought honestly and rigorously about the civil, rather than just religious, reasons why the state recognizes marriage today, they'd see that gay unions fit into those reasons in the modern world."
How many times must we lay this out? We can't wait for the lowest common denominator thinkers to catch up. That's why we have elected leaders. Or was.

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