Christian man reminds us that Billy Lucas is in Hell. And he deserved it.

As you watch this video, remember that this guy is talking about a 15 year-old kid who took his own life.  This Christian man is doing this pontificating two weeks after Billy hung himself in his family's Indiana barn, after merciless homophobic bullying.  This Christian man has taken it upon himself to help us all understand Billy's plight in this Christian man's imagined afterlife ONE DAY after 13-year old gay student Seth Walsh, who hung himself nine days ago and was taken off of life support (yesterday), and less than a month after eighth grader Asher Brown put a bullet in his brain after enduring years of anti-gay taunting and bullying at his Texas middle school.   
The pressures of growing up gay are immense.  That's not to say these kids even were gay . . . but in each case it was the bullying and taunting of their peers about their perceived homosexuality that pushed them past rationality and into despair.  The bullies have to be taught to taunt, to hate, and to identify and LABEL a weakness.  Hi, horrible parents.  Hi, society at large allowing this.  How are you all feeling this afternoon?   
and shame is imposed by the outside world.
The majority of the world's religion have decided to take formal stances that make the lives of these kids even harder.  If you're a person of faith, won't you please make your voice heard within your congregation, your diocese, your coven, your whatever the hell you go to?  Now, sorry you have to see this hateful man. . . who is wrong in his interpretation, and hard in his heart, but here it is:  UPDATE:  he's taken his screed down, because in addition to being a bigot, he is also a coward.

And, after the jump, the three we lost this month to intolerance. . . and some hope . . .

And some hope:  IT GETS BETTER


  1. This guy is one of those ex-gay lunatics. He shjould just stay at home with his gallon ice cream pails and wallow in his own self hatred.

  2. "There is no legitimate debate. I am right because I am right. Therefore, I will be an old bigot and disable comments and shut down open exchange of discourse."

    I would encourage we give this man zero attention. He is, after all, a heartless bastard who condemned a young boy to hell simply because he was bullied by classmates and perceived as being gay.

    This man, obviously unwilling or not intelligent enough to provide his name, is a ghost in time who will not be remembered for anything.

    The legacy of his life will be as he has lived: a completely and utterly useless stain intended to cause division amongst those who embrace a greater good.

  3. Please don't forget 15 year-old Justin Aaberg of Minnesota

  4. As repugnant as this guy's message is, I'm delighted that Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project is garnering enough attention that the Christian Crazies are already reacting to it.

  5. Predictably, this coward has disabled comments for the video.

  6. Another death...this is just crazy...

  7. Chad, you obviously made your point by identifying this individual as a "Christian man" four times. Do you think that perhaps you are also guilty of generating hatred and bigotry against Christians because of this individual?

  8. Not all Christians are homophobic bigots. Unfortunately, many homophobic bigots claim to be Christian. But the world is starting to change. As a gay Christian, I've sort of found my way through the mess in a way that other Christians (who don't get the gay thing, but aren't bigots) can understand. There is hope!