Uganda: My last trip

This is Uganda, take a look:
Looks fascinating to me.  Kayaking on the White Nile?  Rad.   I'd love to add it to my list of places to go someday. 

That won't happen. 

While you watch the video below, ruminate on the reality of the situation.  If I were to got there, I would be signing my own death warrant.  If the current political situation continues not only unabated, but fostered, injected with invective from American Christians, I can add Uganda to another list I have.  Places I cannot go.

Of course, this is not about vacations canceled.  This is about thousands of lives on the line.

In Part Two (first part here) of Rachel Maddow's interview with Ugandan MP David Bahati, author of the "kill the gays" bill, Bahati defends the bill and his warm and fuzzy friendships within the American Christian cabal 'The Family'.  Maddow suggests he may be ultimately charged with crimes against humanity in an international tribunal, and she doesn't expect him to come out of it successfully.

She also interviews Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family and C Street, books chronicling the massive move to take their failed social engineering abroad to strengthen and purify it for re-introduction in the US.

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