Michigan's Attorney General's office letting it's bigot flag fly

Nobody likes to hear negative press about his home state, and as a proud Michigander, this story may hit me harder than most, but I think anyone can see the injustice herein.  Here's the skinny on this surprising story breaking this week: Andrew Shirvell, the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan, has taken it upon himself to slander -- in the most heinous language -- the Student Assembly President of the University of Michigan, Chris Armstrong.
Shirvell, a supposed "professional adult" has created a blog dedicated to ruining the reputation of a bright and accomplished student.  
In his shrivelled little screed of a blog, Shirvell calls 21 year-old Armstrong a RADICAL HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVIST, RACIST, ELITIST, & LIAR.  Ahh love.  Okay, the homosexual part seems to be true, he is in fact the first student president at UofM to be openly gay.  Armstrong won (a decisive victory) on a platform of reducing tuition hikes, expanding gender-neutral housing and keeping cafeterias open later to make drinking less dangerous.  Shirvell hates this dude.  Here is a video of the small-minded bigot's interview:

And here is a photo from his first hideous blog about student Chris Armstrong (what is he, nine?):
Here's the kicker:
The Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has yet to do anything but scold his assistant. 
If you'd like, here is Mike Cox's email, so you can drop him a line and let him know that state government, the courts in particular should keep it's bigot ducks in a row. . . or kick them out.  Demand the firing of this immature, cruel bigot.
Assistant Attorney General
Michigan Attorney General's Office
PO Box 30217
G Mennen Williams Bldg
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-1110
Fax: (517) 373-4916


  1. Thanks for posting Chad. This is completely unacceptable behavior by a small-minded, childish bigot.

  2. What does it say about the people of Michigan who put that bigot (the Asst. AG) into office? Do you need some people from other states to come pound the pavement canvassing for the next election? Let's help you all get that a-hole outta there!

    On another note, way to go! for Armstrong not swinging at a pitch in the dirt.

  3. Anderson Cooper did a segment tonight where he interviewed the asshat himself! Hopefully this will force Cox into finally firing him.

  4. I sent an angry email to Cox. That behavior in general and bigotry are unacceptable especially from a public official. Inasnity.

  5. Even though it's a cliche to say so at this point Shirvell is obviously a disgusting closet-case & is trying to deal with it by trying to destroy his homosexuality in a classic case of psychological projection. In any case he needs to be fired.

  6. Assistant AGs serve at the pleasure of the (elected) AG. I doubt civil service rules or First Amendment rights protect hate speech, bullying a minor (no bullying laws in Michigan?), stalking, slander, and defamation. Where is the state's liability in such a clear case of harassment? Whom will these christo-taliban teabagger-types assault next?