Ugandan Update -- David Kato

Don't worry, the activist David Kato -- whose face made the cover of the local newspaper's anti-gay issue -- has been beaten to death in his home.  So you don't have to worry about him anymore.  All thanks and praise to Jesus Christ's disciples from here in the US who have made Africa in general and -- Uganda in particular -- the battleground for their war on modern values.  Unbelievably sad.  From the NYT:
"Uganda seems to be on the front lines of this battle. Conservative Christian groups that espouse antigay beliefs have made great headway in the country and wield a lot of influence. Uganda’s first lady is a born-again Christian and has proposed a virginity census. At the same time, American organizations that defend gay rights have also poured money into Uganda to help the small and besieged gay community."

From CNN:

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