I'm Impressed and Just a Little Scared -- China's City of 42 Million

I don't know whether I should be impressed, saddened, or just stay very very still and look away.  The Chinese have decided to create a beast.  By incorporating the 9 (quite large) cities of the Pearl River Delta, they will be making a megalopolis of 16,000 square miles -- 26 times bigger than the London metro area, and far and away the worlds largest city.   From Reuters:
"The idea is to merge all nine cities around the Pearl River Delta (under the aptly-named plan, “Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One”) and connect them via power and water, telecommunications networks and 29 new rail lines."
Now, while the 26 new high-speed rail lines are cool, and emblematic of China's commitment to come out on top of the race to modern transport, and the idea of dense urban living being modular (city centers linked by rail forming a network of urban cores) is on-track with most futurist visions for megalopolis living, the sheer SIZE of this project is terrifying.  If you ask me.

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