Seven Green Things your Grandparents Did

This list of seven easy life adjustments we could learn from the "greatest" generation compiled by the often excellent Mother Nature Network:  after le leap . . .

1. Kick the bottle -- Stop drinking bottled water.  It's free and FINE out of the tap.  See: HERE

2. Let it all hang out -- I don't know if you kids know it, but as long as it's not raining clothes on a line will dry ALL BY THEMSELVES.

3. Grow local -- again, it's like a miracle, but FOOD CAN COME OUT OF THE GROUND.  My parents live closer to the north pole than the equator, and I was pulling DELICIOUS carrots out of the ground last visit IN DECEMBER.

4. Rain, rain don't go away -- a rain barrel can save a homeowner 1,300 gallons of water during the summer months.  You don't have to drink it, but your flowers can.  Wash the car wit dat.

5. Brown bag it -- the average American (believe me, I'm guilty) eats out 4 times a week to the tune of 3,000/year (not in NYC, baby) and then throws away a PILE of garbage.

6. Game time -- pitch wii, play gin.  Cheaper, greener, and you talk during it.

7. Buy less -- It's not that hard.  If you don't believe me or need encouragement read this:

Good day!

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  1. I love that you remind people about rain barrels!

    We help non-profit groups fundraise with truckload sales of rain barrels. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to raise $3000+ www.rainbarrel.ca

    Happy Rain Harvesting!