Happy New Year, let's go Backwards!!!

The now brainless, ever brash US House of Republicans, has decided that funds for transportation projects are now subject to re-appropriation. . . meaning your gas tax dollars may not go to bridges, subways and roads, but to some freakish abstinence campaign.  THANKS republicans, for tossing us back 15 years on the plodding path of progress.  Be sure to say hi to your private special interests on the way to survey the stalled infrastructure project in your district.  Jerks.
“Buried in the rules written by the GOP majority is a change that is opposed by the City of New York and the State Transportation Department and which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said would cause ’significant damage.’”  He continues: “New Yorkers have already paid money at the gas pump that is guaranteed for transit, subways and roads.  Under the new rule change, this money would be put on the annual chopping block and not guaranteed at all.”
-Anthony Weiner (the only man with half a brain in there)

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