Starbucks litters art all over public space to encourage itself.

I was biking through Madison Square Park yesterday, minding the business of enjoying a brilliant sunny day in NYC, when i was stopped in my happy tracks by an unwieldy crowd which had collected itself on the [triangular bit of] square.  I saw this:  Thousands of cups (and more to come) filled with varying hues of coffee and milk (wasted) forming the silhouette of a huge redwood tree.  I was immediately intrigued and irritated.  As it turns out, it is a messy, soggy, ill-conceived eco-art nightmare that -- through it's wastefulness -- seeks to remind us to use FEWER cups.  Ok, so I got a free refillable mug out of the deal, but meanwhile can I have my public space back?  When did city parks become billboards for wealthy corporations and their fake good green deeds? I'm holding my breath for the Pampers version.


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