Secret Fusion is the Bomb Doggity

Everybody in New York knows when a new hit restaurant opens, or closes, or becomes the next big thing, or gets handed off to the Bridge and Tunnel patrons (or *gasp* tourists), but sometimes in NYC you stumble across a culinary gem when you least expect it.  I have a guilty pleasure.  I advocate for reducing meat in our diets for the health of our bodies and the planet, but every so often a person can indulge in one of our city's mainstays of street eats:  The Hot Dog.  So I found myself hungry on Bleeker the other day in front of a joint called New York Hotdog and Coffee.  The title was bland and a bit odd -- the food was anything but!  I tried the Bulgogi beef dog (okay two), and Andy had the Kimchi Bulgogi hamburger.  WHAT?  I know.  That's what I said.  The Dogs in this place are Korean fusion creations and wild American twists that are so much more interesting and delicious than the name implies!  Bulgogi is a slow marinated grilled sliced beef wonder, and Kimchi, for those of you who don't know, is a pickled cabbage creation spicey and sour and wonderful -- with more pro-biotics than yogurt, but lower in fat and calories, and that I'm now putting on everything I eat forever.  The delicious fries made it through from the American tradition, and the wieners themselves were high quality 100% beef brisket (delicious and somehow magically low-calorie) on delicious potato rolls snuggled in with pickles.  I love New York for just this kind of find -- strange delicious fusion right under your nose.  Healthy fast food -- who knew?

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  1. According to my friend Sam -- who lived in Korea for two years -- this is actually the NYC branch of a restaurant originally founded in Seoul. Kind of backwards, no? (You've actually met the guy, we had drinks before your show back in January!)