NYS Senators Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Diane Savino speak on marriage equality

Heartbreaking and strong. And, below, searingly modern and logical.
Really start listening at 3:13, she lays the issue out so clearly.
"We in government do not determine the quality or validity of peoples relationships -- if we did we would not issue three quarters of the marriage licenses we do"

"we're giving away husbands on network TV"

"or . . . the littlest groom, where thirty desperate women competed to marry a dwarf."

"they stand up there before god and man, even in Senator Diaz's church, and swear to love honor and obey, and they don't mean a word of it."

She really hits the nail on the head. Please forward this to anyone and everyone, and let the argument speak for itself. And let the hysteria abate.

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