Noah Knew, who knew? Well, Noah . . . and the Magi.

So just YESTERDAY, I was walking in SoHo and came face-to-face with a billboard on wheels that said exactly this: "Noah Knew"  The words were submerged in what looked like rising water.  I thought, "dang, that's interesting . . . appeal to the fundies' sense of dread about floods to educate them about rising sea levels, or fresh water depletion, or scarcity in general . . . great idea!"  But no.  no no no no NO.  It was just one of HUNDREDS of billboards (40 in Nashville alone) about the Apocalypse next May.  Yep, that one.  On the 21st?   You hadn't heard?  Pencil it in. 

So, as it turns out, this:
and my "Noah Knew" street level encounter are just part of a nationwide media push by our darling friends at Family Radio.  One look at their website, and a kindergartner would roll his eyes and go back to Facebook.  Try this nugget:
"Some scientists predict that Global Warming could wipe out life on Planet Earth within a certain number of years."
You. Are. Shitting me.  A "certain" number?  Oh my GOD, that does sound JUST LIKE NEXT MAY, doesn't it?  Like, around the 21st?  [shudder]

I can't even go on.  I, of course, "liked" their site on Facebook.  For giggles.  12,000 others have liked it too.  [faints]

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