I've tried to lay off religion for awhile, but when they come up with this . . . god help me.

WHY?  Why now?  Why this topic . . . kids can overcome their gay if only they would be holier?  Really?  NOW?  The week after the fifth suicide of a gay teen in five weeks has rocked the family and friends of an innocent American boy?  Moral standards cannot be changed?  Really!?  From YOUR CHURCH?  With YOUR HISTORY, SIR?  I'm appalled.  Change is essential from you, sir.  "We cannot change, we will not change?"  then blood is on your hands.  End of story.  You cannot push us down, denigrate and subject us to ridicule, make us your moral inferior and NOT EXPECT CHILDREN TO HEAR YOU.  Your are, plainly, the face of evil.  Sign an open letter to the church HERE, to plead with them for the healthy lives of our kids.  News coverage HERE.

Top LDS 'Apostle' Boyd K. Packer: Mormons will always oppose Satan's counterfeit marriages

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