New news is good news for NYC streets or Get those SUVs out of here

Left turns, male drivers, and darkest mid-winter are the most dangerous for pedestrians in NYC, but our city is getting MUCH safer for those of us who don't choose to tackle the grid in a car.  Pedestrian deaths down a shocking 20% since 2001, and a promise from transportation czar (yes) Janette Sadik-Kahn to remove even more parking in favor of bike lanes and broader visibility.  A breakdown of serious accidents (and another reason to implement congestion pricing):
  • 79% involved private passenger cars 
  • (huge fucking numbers gap here)
  • 13% taxis or livery cars
  • 4% trucks
  • 3% buses
The last three on the list would not be subject to congestion pricing . . . not forced to pay to drive onto Manhattan, and doesn't it follow logically that we would reduce pedestrian death while raising millions and cleaning the city's air?  God, I wish it would happen.  Full Report HERE.

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