The future of the MTA sits on Albany's Shoulders

Unfortunately, Albany's already shriveled and useless shoulders are currently tilting ever earthward as she tries harder daily to shove her head up her own ass.

The basics:  
  • No transit system relies on ridership for funding . . . they all need subsidy, and it's worth it because transit systems add immeasurably to the city's prosperity and growth.
  • The MTA relies on local property taxes which are unreliable (in recent years have plummeted 75%)
  • Albany consistently denies funding the MTA can depend on, leaving the agency to plan on an uncertain future budget.
  • Other transit systems (like Paris') have fail-safes, if the taxation that feeds the coffers of the system fails, local governments are REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to make up the difference.
  • The answer, in the mind of every wise and informed person, is CONGESTION PRICING.  A small fee to drive a private car into Manhattan on weekdays (exemptions for business, taxis, etc.).  This alone would diminish traffic, clean the air, and create the equivalent of roughly DOUBLE what the MTA got from it's property tax subsidy this year.
In closing, congestion pricing is a no-brainer -- but then again, so is Albany who has struck down every attempt to implement it in recent years.  Because they all love to take their towncars and SUVs over our beautiful bridges and through our historical tunnels to park all over the place, visit our museums, eat at our cafes, idle endlessly, and marvel at "how anyone could really LIVE here."  

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