Hippo-crazy Repugs love the big scissors!

Maybe you remember the whole lot of right-wingnuts decrying the stimulus monies? Forecasting doom and horrible devastation? Refusing to accept help EVEN if it meant leaving their sobbing constituents square on the tracks?  Trying to entertain one another with their party loyalty by acting the penny-pinchers?  Doing EVERYTHING in their power to kill the Recovery Act?  Well, after the handouts were made and as the dust is settling, one image is coming into focus.  It's the one to the left -- Republicans who smacked the President in the face, are now taking credit for his work.  Remember these kids in school?  Liars.  Good news from ThinkProgress:

"In December, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the stimulus had successfully created up to 1.6 million jobs, and today, a report shows the Recovery Act will ultimately create 2.5 million jobs. Even the conservative American Enterprise Institute found that the stimulus had boosted the U.S. economy by 4 percent."
You know where you can stick those big scissors, sir.

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