Great News for Moynihan Station! $83 Mil Secured!!

Finally a visible apology for the slaughter of the old Penn Station! Let's review. We toppled and shoved this into the Hudson:

And now we're getting this:

Ok, I think I get it.  It doesn't seem like the fairest of trades, but if you consider the CURRENT Penn Station, this will be like a magical fairy wonderland.  The long delayed transformation/creation of Moynihan Station from existing Post Office to super-snazzy Rail Hub (adjacent to the current Penn Station Horror) has been given a gigantic boost of $83 Million of federal stimulus funds (add that to the already accrued $140 Million from the MTA and other federal sources). Of course, these new funds are NOT going toward the cool second phase of the project . . . the one that re-builds the Post Office - rather they are headed to updating Penn Station and . . .
". . . include building vertical access points from the street to the new transit hub. Work should begin by the end of the year, according to Friends of Moynihan Station, a private-sector advocacy group founded by the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's (D-NY) daughter."

 Believe me Penn Station needs it. What a tent-city slug-den that place is. . . I'll try to remember to take a quick picture today and post it here. 

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