The Popsicle Test

Can a child on foot get to the store, purchase a Popsicle, and make it home without it's melting?  Here is a short and bright piece about designing livable spaces from placeshakers' Scott Doyon that not only introduced me to the concept of the Popsicle Test, but also addresses the modern scourge of trying to buy your child happy.

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  1. both doyon's article and the atlantic monthly article he refers to ("how to land your kid in therapy") are excellent. i work with some SUPER over the top parents-- catering to their kids' every need. at first i thought "wow, these moms are so nice, my parents were never this nice." and then i realized "THANK GOD my parents weren't this nice!!!" i see parenting like this everywhere-- and i see the effects manifested in their children's bad behavior. sad.