Everybody Jump Aboard the Fear Train

Beast Train by Hawanja
Yes, yes, yes . . . more jobs, faster transit, cleaner air, it's OBVIOUSLY evil.  

Bored to sobs with making up scary lies about ObamaCare, conservatives with nothing better to do than sit in swivel chairs tapping their fingertips together have stepped up their attacks on "ObamaRail".  From a depressing article on The Hill:

"In the past, it was possible to build a consensus between Washington and state governments on infrastructure spending, Cardenas said. “It was a matter of dollar separation, not where you [are] doing something or not.”

I saw this movie once, where the train was ACTUALLY POSSESSED by the DEVIL, and ran people over and then fell in a canyon and convinced everyone there to get abortions and get gay married.  It. Was. Scary.  I think there was a terrorist on it too.  And a stem-cell researcher.  And an elitist academic.  Not that I hate trains.  I totally think they're fine for SOME people.  I mean, some of my best friends take them to work, I hear.  Gotta go, gas doesn't guzzle itself!!

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