Paul Haggis Humbly but Heroically Stands up to Scientology

I've met the guy several times, I assisted in designing his loft here in NYC.  He's a passionate, thoughtful, thorough guy.  He wrote Crash, In the Valley of Elah, Million Dollar Baby, and others.  After having lived in LA for seven years, I'm still not sure quite what the "Hollywood Type" is --  I've heard so much false testimony and seen various and met many glorious -- but I don't think you could give him any of the derogatory aspects of that title.   He has, recently proven his thoughtfulness, compassion, and bravery by breaking with his church of many years over it's treatment of gays.  His story is chronicled finally and wonderfully in the New Yorker and here is the LINK.  Enjoy.

Terry Gross interviewed the article's author on NPR's Fresh Air and that interview is shorter and HERE.

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