I'm troubled on "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

I've just watched a video of a recent uprising at a university lecture hall.  During a lecture on the limits of free speech.  In Sweden.  It is shocking and frightening, and utterly stark raving mad.

I'm troubled because I feel like sharing the video here, but I don't want to unfairly prejudice anyone who isn't familiar with immigration and assimilation in Northern Europe, so if you don't consider yourself that up-to-date on the massive struggles with national identity and religious freedoms that are taking place in the EU right now, get your salt grain ready.

If you're wondering about the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, here is the FB page for it.  If you've been living under a rock, HERE is the recent caterwauling over South Park's recent episode and it's being censored.  And here is the story about the video you're about to see, but the basics are:

Man sketches Mohammed (there are over seven MILLION "mohammed" results on google image)

Man gets threatened repeatedly, including by an insane American woman who plots his murder.

Man gets physically attacked during a lecture on freedom of expression, pepper spray is necessary to subdue the crowd chanting and screaming for allah. The scene is unbelievable.  I post it as a cautionary tale.  Religion is a dangerous drug.  For more on that, if you're interested, HERE.

the video after the jump...
And here is the video:


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