Parking capped in Hudson Yards!! Happy Earth Day!!

In a bold and promising move, the Hells Kitchen Neighborhood Alliance has pushed through winning mandates for off-street parking in the up-and-coming Hudson Yards area (one relatively insane concept rendering shown at left).

"The amendments put a "hard cap" on the total number of off-street parking spaces that can be built in the Hudson Yards special district: 6,905. "If a new developer comes in and says normally he's entitled to have 300 parking spaces, if the cap has already been reached, he won't be able to build those spaces," said Christine Berthet, co-founder of HKNA. Before the lawsuit, the city was poised to allow as many as 17,500 new parking spaces in the area."

SEVENTEEN THOUSAND?  Insane.  Thank god this worked out, and let's hope the trend continues and spreads to effective and steep congestion pricing!

"In addition, the amendment eliminates parking minimums and lowers parking maximums in the area. Developers who want to build less parking will have that option, while those who want to overload their site with spaces will be prohibited from doing so."
Bravo. The numbers that have been allowed also help the city comply with the Clean Air Act.  Going over these limitations would have certainly violated it. 

Suck on that Sheldon Silver.

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